House Aegis

General Information

The home of House Aegis is north of and adjacent to Loringhold, established from borderlands between House Loring and the extinguished House Danit. It is a narrow strip of land extending from the Sunset Sea across the Sea Road.

Sworn to Lord Reginald Loring.


The War of the Five Kings

After House Danit was extinguished by Hand Tywin Lannister for acts of treason, their lands and titles were given to House Loring.

Lord Reginald Loring established House Aegis under the direction of Ser Valon Aegis, for his years of faithful service to House Loring.

The Aegis Family

Presently, the Aegis household consists of:

Ser Valon Aegis.


Defense 12(2)

Tower – Beginning construction

Influence 26(26)

No heirs.

Lands 20(0)

8 – Plains with Coast
12 – Hills with Road and Tower (in progress)

Law 21

-2 modifier to House Fortune rolls.

Population 6

-5 modifier to House Fortune rolls.

Power 21(0)

Trained Cavalry – 8 – DC3
Agility 2
Animal Handling 3
Fighting 4

Elite Warships – 10 – DC6
Awareness 5
Fighting 3
Marksmanship 5

Green Garrison – 3 – DC9/15
Endurance 3

Wealth 39(19)

(10) Artisan – Stonemason
(10) Artisan – Castle-forged Steel

House Fortune Modifier: -7
Glory: 4

House Aegis

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