Initially built in the third century of conflict during the Rhoynar Invasion, the castle Greentalon marked the burial site of the first Mikel Loring, who had fought his way out of Dorne, through the Reach, and into the Westerlands.



Built on a high, rocky hill not far from the Sunset Sea, Greentalon expanded from a central keep and low tumblestone wall into a formidable defensive structure by the time of Aegon’s conquest.

Greentalon featured thick curtain walls punctuated by round guard towards. Inside the curtain wall were a number of buildings, including an inn, forge, barracks, sept, and the central keep. The remains of the first Mikel Loring are somewhere beneath the central keep.

The front entry of Greentalon features two heavy steel portcullises, with a door of thick banded oak in between.

The abundance of arrow slits, murder holes, and machicolations meant a small force occupying Greentalon could keep several times their number in infantry at bay. Additionally, the rocky foundation upon which the castle was built made the thick walls almost impossible to sap.

Destruction and Restoration

Save for the central keep, Greentalon was completely destroyed by Ser Quentyn Ball and a number of Loringhold citizens who supported Daemon Blackfyre’s claim to the throne.

The central keep of Greentalon was eventually rebuilt into the Sunset Hall, which served as the seat of power for House Loring from Aegon’s Conquest through the New Age.

The reconstruction of Greentalon was ordered and funded by Lord Reginald Loring shortly after he succeeded the fifth Lord Mikel Loring.

During the reconstruction, the castle was attacked by the combined forces of Houses Danit and Lugas. The half-finished castle was defending without losing a single unit; approximately half the attackers were slain on the battlefield, before the remaining units fled.


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