Reginald Loring

The Ogre of Loring


Reginald Loring
Age: 20
Gender: Male
House: Loring
Height: 7’4"
Weight: 350lbs

Burnished red hair, often hanging loosely about his shoulders or gathered in an untidy knot at the back of his head. Reginald sports a full beard, braided with bands of gold, which reaches down to his chest. He is broad of chest and back, with thicks arms and legs, though faster than a man his size ought to be.

His armor is a suit of heavy plate, too large and heavy for a normal man to stand in, much less fight in. The steel is of the same green as the sigil of House Loring, and much of the armor is inlaid with gold in sprawling patterns. The helm is an eagle’s head, with a visor that swings out to the left side of the bird’s mouth. When armored, he sports a cape of green bearing the sigil of House Loring.



You can wield Two-Handed weapons in one hand, and you may ignore the Unwieldy quality of these weapons (if any).

Heir Head of House

You command your house and are responsible for the upkeep of your lands, the security of your people, and the dispensation of your fortunes.

Add +2 to the results of all Status tests.

Long Blade Fighter I

When armed with a Long Blade, you may sacrifice all of your bonus dice from Long Blades to gain one free degree of success if you successfully hit your opponent.

In addition, adversaries wielding non-shield parrying weapons take a -1 to their Combat Defense against your attacks.

Long Blade Fighter II

When wielding a long blade in combat – for every two bonus dice sacrificed – you and your opponent move 1 yard in any direction if you successfully hit your foe. You may drive your foe into terrain features, such as ponds, rivers, or cliffs. Should you move your opponent in such a way that they would lose their balance or be in danger, your opponent can negate this movement by succeeding on a Challenging (9) Agility test. Bonus dice from the Dodge specialty apply.


In warfare, you gain 1 additional command each round. In addition, when testing Warfare to issue a command, you may sacrifice a command to re-roll the test and take the better result.



You must re-roll all 6s on Deceptions tests and take the second roll, even if it’s worse than the first roll.

Destiny Points: 1

Agility: 4
Animal Handling: 3 (Ride 1B)
Athletics: 5 (Run 2B, Strength 2B)
Awareness: 4
Cunning: 3
Deception: 2
Endurance: 5
Fighting: 6 (Long Blades 4B, Spears 1B)
Healing: 1
Language: 3
Knowledge: 3
Marksmanship: 1
Persuasion: 3
Status: 5
Stealth: 1
Survival: 3
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 4 (Command 1B)
Will: 4

Courser Barding (Full Plate)
Full Plate | 10AR, -6AP, Bulk 3
Greatsword | Powerful, Slow, Two-Handed, Unwieldy, Vicious | Athletics + 3 (6D+4B, 10)
Tower Shield | 6 DEF, Bulk 2 | 2B, Athletics – 2 (6D-2B, 3)

Health = 15
Combat Defense = 13 (with Tower Shield), 7 (without)
Composure = 12
Intrigue Defense = 12

Bulk = 5
Movement = 3yd
Sprint = 15yd
AR: 10
AP: -6


Lord of House Loring.

Oldest Son of Mikel Loring and Mellara Prestor. An immense man, rivaling The Mountain That Rides.

Champion of the Grand Melee at the Tournament of Hand Eddard Stark in King’s Landing.

Following his victory at the Tournament of the Hand, Reginald oversaw massive changes to Loringhold and the surrounding lands. These include expansion of the military and the reconstruction of Greentalon, the historical castle of House Loring.

His foes refer to him as “the Ogre of Loring,” and claim that he rips his enemies apart with his bare hands to feast on them.

Along with his brothers, fought at the Battle of Blackwater in defense of King’s Landing against the army of Stannis Baratheon.

Championed Tyrion Lannister in his trial at King’s Landing for the murder of King Joffrey Baratheon I. Slew The Mountain That Rides.

Reginald Loring

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