Mikel Loring

Lord of House Loring (deceased)


First-born son of Lord Gerold Loring and Lady Cassandra Swyft, and the fifth of his name.

Husband of Lady Mellara Prestor Loring.

Father of Reginald, Enthin, and Allyria Loring; father of Dorian Hill.

Pre-deceased by his parents and wife.

Died of illness at the age of eight-and-fifty.

Mikel held the lordship of Loringhold for thirty years after the passing of Lord Gerold. It was, in stark contrast to much of the history of House Loring, a time of stability and passivity. Mikel refrained from conflict whenever possible, joining in Robert’s Rebellion only after the Battle of the Trident along with his Liege Lord Tywin Lannister to partake in the Sack of King’s Landing.

Mikel was well-loved by his people. He believed in elevating people to positions of authority based on merit instead of family. He was open-handed with the wealth of House Loring, making certain that none of the smallfolk in his sparsely populated lands wanted for much. However, his counselors referred to him as ‘Mikel the Miser’ for the limited extent to which he developed the lands and power of Loringhold. Indeed, by the end of his rule, Loringhold was largely unchanged from how Lord Gerold had left it.

Mikel fathered two sons on Lady Mellara Prestor – Reginald and Enthin – as well as his daughter, Allyria. He also sired Dorian, a bastard of unknown origin, who was later legitimized by King Joffrey Baratheon after the Battle of Blackwater. The fathering of his bastard was scandalous in small Loringhold.

Mikel is fondly remembered as a kind, jovial man and people’s champion to the smallfolk. Lords and nobles remember him as a largely ineffectual leader.

Mikel Loring

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