Jenos Teros

The Gentleman Corsair, Master of Ships and Dockmaster of House Loring


Jenos Teros is a dashing man in his late thirties. He was once a well-known Braavosi pirate, constantly raiding trade ships along the Sunset Sea, from the Shield Islands to Lannisport. He earned a reputation as “The Gentleman Corsair,” for his reluctance to kill sailors; Jenos would often set them loose in a lifeboat, though often as not the outcome was the same. Accordingly, he is regarded with much contempt by the ironmen of the Iron Islands for his refusal to grant them a glorious death at sea.

During the Greyjoy Rebellion, Jenos found himself captured by Loringhold Master of Ships Lucas Swyft, nephew of Lady Cassandra Swyft and cousin to Lord Mikel Loring V. However, before Lucas could return to port with his captives, the Loringhold fleet was attacked and decimated by Victarion Greyjoy shortly after his victory at Lannisport. Lucas Swyft was slain during the encounter, while Jenos and a crew of his pirates and Loringhold sailors managed to escape unnoticed in a lifeboat.

The survivors came ashore in Loringhold, where Jenos was identified and immediately arrested. Recognizing his talents and thankful for the men who were returned home from the battle with Victarion, Lord Mikel Loring V offered the Gentleman Corsair a pardon for his crimes, on the condition that he would serve as Master of Ships until such time as a proper replacement for Lucas Swyft could be found.

Jenos had a hand in rebuilding and training the Loringhold fleet, and has been instrumental in the growth and development of the Loringhold port. He has since become a loyal retainer to House Loring, and his position as Master of Ships is unofficially permanent.

Jenos Teros

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