Enthin Loring

Heir to House Loring


Qualities: Charismatic (Charm), Eloquent, Attractive, Magnetic, Expertise (Charm), Expertise (Spear), Blood of the Rhoyne

Drawback: N/A

Destiny Points: 1

Agility: 3
Animal Handling: 3
Athletics: 4
Awareness: 4
Cunning: 4
Deception: 4
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 4
Healing: 1
Language: 4
Knowledge: 3
Marksmanship: 1
Persuasion: 5
Status: 4
Stealth: 3
Survival: 2
Thievery: 3
Warfare: 3
Will: 4

Charm – 4B
Seduce – 1B
Ride – 1B
Spear – 1B

Equipment: 1200 SS Left
Noble’s Garb
Spear – 500 SS
Shield, Large – 40 SS
Splint – 600 SS
Courser – 600 SS

Health = 9
Combat Defense = 14
Composure = 12
Intrigue Defense = 12

Bulk = 3
Movement = 3
Sprint = 13
AR: 7
AP: -3


Enthin Today:

His brother was right- there is a certain lust that exists within everyone for battle. One only has to allow one’s self to experience it to become addicted.

He had been scared at first, with the wolves and the bandits on the road. He would never admit that to his brother, the Ogre(Although he probably knew). His whole life(Which was not very long at 17) had been an act of training: training to know the actions needed for status, training to fight under the watchful eye of Ser Valon Aegis, training to interact with other nobles as they visited or passed through, training to uphold the tenants and morals of his house and father…


It was the only thing, during those scary first battles, that kept him functioning as the adrenaline made his limbs shake and his heart thundered in his chest. And while the wolf he slew, and the bandit whose blow he blocked were only the predecessors of things that were to come, they were good gauges for his ability to hold himself in check when faced with fear.

When he and his brothers returned home from King’s Landing, triumphant in one of the tournaments, things seemed to be moving on a high note, and it seemed like things were beginning to look up for the Lorings. Until he came: Oberyn Martell. The Red Viper appeared at their half restored castle Greentalon with news that an attack was on the way. As soon as Enthin met the man, he was compelled.

His brother, the Ogre, would of course mock him and jest about homosexual feelings or some such. But the truth was this: Oberyn Martell was the first man he had ever met that his brother did not cow. The Ogre was massive, as large as the Mountain that Rides, and all other men seemed like puny wastes of space when held up in comparison; even Enthin. For his whole life he had remained in his brother’s shadow. Yet here now was a man, of normal stature, who had the battle skill of a demon. This was proof that one did not need to be Reginald’s size to take control of the battlefield the way that the Ogre did. This simple realization set off a string of mental events within Enthin.

During the battle of Greentalon, Enthin watched how Oberyn comported himself and fought when forces attempted to breach the walls. After it was over(And he and his brothers had destroyed three times their number), he approached Oberyn and began to ask for pointers for the Spear. Though the Red Viper only stayed for a few more days, Enthin was beginning to get the hang of fighting in the manner of the Dornishman. When Oberyn departed, taking Tigor in tow, he tossed a sack of poison to Enthin. That sealed the deal: Enthin was going to find out everything he could about Oberyn Martell.

How had he learned to fight as he does? How long did it take him to master? Where did he learn about poisons? How did he get so agile? How did he train? What was it that made men fear even the name of him? All of these questions and more Enthin asked, and as he began to find the answers to his questions from the lips of his soldiers and peasants alike, he began to contemplate their meanings.

As he stood on the battlements of the Golden Tooth, he began to contemplate the Dornish way of life. The outlook Oberyn had to battle. Maybe the man was completely insane, but there was something very similar to his brother’s outlook. The battle lust. All during the four month trek down to King’s landing, Enthin contemplated his place in this world, and what had moved Oberyn Martell down the path he had taken. It wasn’t until the battle at the Gate, however, that Enthin truly understood what that meant.

He had been lost in the battle lust. His fear had subsided as his force clashed with Stanis’, his shuddering heart began beating at a regular pace, and an odd sort of calm swept over him. Here, his life hung in the balance, and here, for the first time, he really, truly felt alive. Not in any of the intrigue moments at court, nor in any woman’s bed had he ever felt this alive. The clash of steel rang out as the scent of blood mixed with sea water wafted through the air. Each time his skin was cut, the pain became another testament to the fact that he was alive. And with each injury he sustained, he clung to life more and more. Even as he slew men, either cutting them down quickly or engaging them in sustained battle as he had that knight, he felt more alive. As he watched the blood rain down upon the sands, and saw the life leave his opponents eyes, the greatest thrill he had ever felt resounded within him again and again. This was life. This was worth living for.

He was almost sad when the battle ceased. Limping as he was, he understood that he had been forever changed by these events. He had even more awe for his brother, if that were possible; he could not understand how his brother had known this truth for so long. The Ogre of Greentalon was now one of the wisest men Enthin knew. Perhaps this feeling would fade over time, perhaps the love of battle would wane and he would come back to being the Enthin he once understood. As he gazed upon his older brother, though, and thought about the battle lust Oberyn Martell had displayed, he knew, deep down, this potential reversion would not likely take place. He was forever changed now, no longer just a charismatic young man who dallied in maiden’s beds and took for granted each breath he drew. He was something more. And he had to go and figure out what that something was.

When his brother Dorian was given the title of Loring, Enthin was doubly pleased: he loved his brother despite his bastard status, and was happy that he was now considered a legitimate member of his family. But there was a hidden, secret pleasure in this as well: He was no longer the heir to his family’s legacy. This afforded him a great sense of freedom, and as the invitation to a ball in King’s Landing was received, he began to contemplate his options.


Be gentle, I’ve been writing this while people have been talking all around me.

Enthin Loring may not have the physical aptitude of his brother, or the agility and perception of the bastard he accepts as his brother, but his strength of personality seems to make up for it. He is by no means weak- stronger than the average man, and better at fighting, Enthin still could not keep up with his impressive older brother Reginald.

On days when his brother’s insatiable desire to master swordplay outstripped his own, Enthin would retreat into the hall amidst his brothers (somewhat) playful jests. It was a moment like this, however, that saved his brother’s Status, and possibly his life.

Reginald had a habit of making fun of Enthin, and Dorian tended to play along. Reginald was 12, Dorian was 11, and Enthin was 10- and while Enthin may have been a young boy, his mental acumen was well beyond his years. Because of this, he recognized the danger his brother was in when Reginald punched a local Knight’s son in the face for making fun of Enthin. The repercussions weren’t immediately apparent: One does not simply reprimand the Lord’s son(Says Sean Bean). But there were issues behind the scenes that Reginald didn’t see or understand. Enthin didn’t even, until he stumbled upon a conversation.

The knight in question was complaining to a guard about the Lord’s son abusing his own. As Enthin slowed to a stop around a corner, he realized he had remained unheard. While eavesdropping is not befitting the son of a Lord, he did so, and the reward was well worth it.

The knight began speaking low to the guard, about a plan he was unfolding. He needed the guard to help him by opening the door to the Estate from the inside. He had hired a band of mercenaries to make a diversion, and he was planning on kidnapping Reginald. He would bring the son of the Lord out into the woods on the edge of the Loring’s land, and allow his son to punish him with a sword while Reginald was restrained. The time was tomorrow night.

Enthin recognized the ramifications of the knight’s plan. There was no way Reginald would live. He backed away after identifying the guard, and scurried down the hall to go see what he could do about this.

To this day, Reginald has no idea how close he came to death. And Enthin is fine with letting him remain in the dark.

The first thing Enthin did was go to a group of loyal guards and paid them each 1 extra silver to remain quiet, and another 2 silver to go on double duty for the evening of the expected attack. The group of swordsman’s post was off to the side of the gate, to remain quiet and hidden until trouble begins. The group of Archers was let onto the roof of their hall, lying in wait in the dark. His next step was to convince both his father, his mother, his brother and Guyard Hill to take part in an ‘inspection’ of the mortar of the doorway leading into the Hall. The gate leading into the estate was about twenty feet from that doorway, and Enthin made a mix of convincing and charming chatter to explain why they HAD to inspect the mortar at that particular moment- something about rats being able to enter the estate carrying a plague. Finally, Enthin manipulated the servants to be getting into the guilty Guard’s way as he began to make his way at the opening of the gate. It slowed him enough so that he was several minutes late, and so the plan fell into action.

The family and Ser Guyard Hill were behind the main door when the guard opened the gate, allowing the knight and raiders to enter the estate. Everyone was mildly annoyed at Enthin for the moment- they weren’t exactly sure what they were doing out here at this time of night inspecting the mortar of a doorway. Enthin began explaining about possible diseased rats entering the home. And as the raiders began crossing the courtyard, Enthin opened the door to the hall, signaling his two teams to act. The swordsman stepped up behind the raiders, and the archers knocked their arrows, aiming to kill. Ser Guyard Hill drew his sword to protect the family… And the conspiracy was caught.

Over the course of the next few days, Guyard and his father began to understand what it was Enthin set in motion. Reginald, of course, remained clueless of the setup- he only knew the results. The knight was executed for his plan, as was the guard who helped him. The son of the knight’s fate was left to Reginald. And life continued on.

This was the beginning of Enthin’s way of life. Sometimes, the power of a blade could decide a battle. But often times, it was words and a smile that tended to direct the blade. And that was where true power lied.

Enthin Loring

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