Allyria Loring

Lady of the House


Allyria Loring
Age: 16
Gender: Female
House Loring

Youngest child of Lord Mikel Loring and Lady Mellara Prestor.

Sister to Reginald, Dorian, and Enthin Loring.


Allyria embodies the best traits of the three Loring boys. She is most like Dorian, in her quiet contemplation of the world around her and penchant for witty retorts. However, she has a mind for courtesy and propriety much like Enthin. She is not unfamiliar with swordplay, either, having spent much of her childhood playing at fighting with Reginald.

Allyria accepts her duty as lady of the house without contest, although part of her wishes to have the freedom she sees her brothers possess. Often left behind when they are called off to war or tourney, Allyria is a familiar face around Loringhold, and well loved by the smallfolk.

Allyria Loring

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