A Game of Thrones

Session #1

A Want of Power

Over the past 2 months House Loring has seen a steady decline. An unknown sickness has taken key members of the House, first Maester Ovryn, then the Lord of the house Mikel Loring. His bastard son Dorian returns from earning his knighthood with House Westerling to pay homage to while the man lays on his death bed. His brothers, Reginald and Enthin, and his sister Allyria welcome him back with with a somber celebration, and await their father’s eventual death.

Sadly, news of the failing health of the Lord of House Loring has lead to an unexpected amount of bandit activity in the area. The young Lords learn that as recently as 2 days ago there were attacks on farms lying on their south eastern border, but due to their fathers illness, no action has been taken. The sons decide together to scout the farmlands and see the damage that has been done.

The lords arrive on their eastern border and are witness to the destruction that has been laid upon their smallfolk. Houses and fields alike have been burned to ash, and the families that once lived there are now not accounted for. They return to the Keep and send for scouts, who are to wait for the approach of the bandits, then sound a horn upon their arrival. In the meantime, the Cavalry and Infantry are assembled and made ready to leave, while the archers man the walls in defense of their home.

Later, past midnight, a horn sounds. Fields to the east are set ablaze and the Lords watch and wait for daylight as their crops are burnt. The Lords and their men leave the keep before daybreak, and find tracks leading into the forest. They lead their force after the bandits and into the woods, where they eventually find the culprits. To their surprise it is a sizable force, but they march on despite being outnumbered and a battle ensues. There is much bloodshed, but the Lords come out victorious after a short struggle. Luckily they do not lose many men, and during their looting even found a clue as to the origins of their attackers. The leader of the “Bandits” wore a signet ring bearing the sigil of House Archay, a disgraced and nearly dead house of the Reach who were Targaryen loyalists during the Rebellion. The Lords return with their clues and victory, and celebrate with a large feast in honor of them and their troops.

With the satisfaction and glory of their victory still at hand, sad news comes soon after. Lord Mikel passes from his sickness, and Reginald is thrust into the position of Head of the House, Lord Loring. Over the next few weeks Reginald eases into the position with the help of his brothers and of his retainers, Ser Valon Aegis and Guyard Hill. With the lack of a Maester, Ser Valon is awarded the title of Steward and well as Master at Arms, and Guayard Hill is promoted to Castellan as well as Captain of the Household guard whenever the Lords are away. Just as Reginald is settling in to his new role, a courier arrives with a sealed message from the King. Reginald opens and reads that a tournament is being held in the honor of the new Hand of the King Eddard Stark, and that all houses are invited to do honor to their names in multiple events. With some nudging from Ser Valon, the Lords pack up and head out shortly for Kings Landing. The road ahead is long and tough, and already the Lords have been assaulted by bandits on their journey. For now, the Lords continue on and are only a few short days away from the capital of the Kingdom. What lies ahead they do not know, but they press on to honor themselves and for the glory of their house.



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